Scenes from Sonora

Fade in on a sudden puff of red desert dust. It clears, but slowly, to reveal a hint of blue. We cut to an aerial view of old friends, desert and sea, and where they meet. From the Sea of Cortez we pull inland to the peaks of Sierra Madre Occidental, rush past lush grasslands, thirsty ruins and hidden gardens in hidden haciendas, then stop, as we draw close to a smiling face, framed.

Enter someone famous like Catherine Zeta-Jones (scenes from the ‘Mask of Zorro’ were filmed in San Carlos), Maria Felix (was born here), or Sandra Echeverría (‘La Fuerza del Destino’ was filmed and set in Alamos).

Mexico’s picturesque Sonora has long been the choice of television and film producers who see in its stunning natural landscape the perfect backdrop for drama.

It’s a Mexican tale of something bigger than human machinations, of loyalty, honesty and comeuppance – and it topped U.S. television ratings.

Late last year the final episode of ‘La Fuerza del Destino’ garnered some eight million viewers. According to The Nielsen Company, more 18-34 year-olds in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Houston, Dallas, San Francisco and Sacramento watched the popular soap opera than those who tuned in to ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX combined. That’s a lot of Sonora love.

Alamos, Sonora played host to the cast and crew of ‘La Fuerza del Destino’ (women reportedly took to the streets, cameras in hand, to get a shot of the hunky David Zepeda who plays Ivan to Echeverría’s Lucia) and now, months after that final episode, locals still point out places where Ivan and Lucia found, lost and found (in that order) their love.

At Hacienda de los Santos Resort and Spa, we are shown corners where this or that scene was filmed and as we eat in the resort’s colorful cantina, recognize the table where David Zepeda was filmed eating between takes.

But it is as we are flying back to Phoenix, the sounds of Sonora slowly fading, looking out over an earth both rugged and arresting that we realize Sonora’s true star is its landscape (and it doesn’t even tweet). Fade out.


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Source = e-Travel Blackboard: Gaya Avery
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