Switzerland: Australian art on display in Geneva’s bohemian Carouge district

Australian artist John Douglas at the opening of his exhibition in Geneva

Despite its small population, but thanks to its relative wealth, Switzerland is the largest art market in the world, and the Swiss are great connoisseurs of art in all its forms. Australian art is not often seen here, but the worlds of contemporary artist John Douglas are currently on display at Galerie Mines d’Art in Carouge, the fun section of Geneva, a city so often, so erroneously classified as boring. Like the discreet Swiss themselves, the pleasures of Geneva are not obvious; nevertheless, they are there for those who know where to find them. Carouge is one of those pleasures little known to visitors.

Despite the smallness of Geneva, the city was at one time part of two separate kingdoms. The House Of Savoy owned what is now the more famous section where the banks, hotels, and jewellery shops are located; the Sardinians, meanwhile, were granted land on the other side of the river and brought their Italian joie de vivre to Carouge, That enthusiasm for a good time is still very prevalent in Carouge, a charming district with a village atmosphere where smart cafés, eclectic boutiques, and avant-garde art galleries line the quiet streets.

Geneva’s museums display excellent collections, and the city’s cultural calendar is full of performing arts such as concerts (both classic and rock), theatrical performances, and special art exhibitions like those of Mr Douglas, whose colourful, surrealist works called Midnight Gardens are brightening the walls of Mines d’Art until 30 August.
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